Coir Products

Log is made up of 100% coir fibre and coir yarn. Coir Log is used to prevent soil erosion on the banks of rivers, canals and seaside, to make rock mountains fertile, to make roads on damp areas.

Usual size of the net diameter is 20 cm. to 60 cm.

Usual sizes

  • 20 cms. x 6 mts. wt.30 Kg.
  • 30 cms x 6mts. wt. 60 Kg.
  • 40 cms. x 6 mts wt 100 Kg.
  • 50 cms x 6 mts. wt 150 Kg.
  • 60 cms x 3 mts. wt.100Kg.

The 100% biodegradable Coir Fibre is obtained from tissues surrounding the seed of the coconut palm, Cocos nucifera. To extract the fibre, the husk is first softened by retting in the lagoons of backwaters for a couple of weeks. Then the woody portion, pith is removed either mechanically or manually by pounding and the resulting fibre is then combed and spun into yarn using semi-automatic Ratts.

Cocotuft offers the full range of traditional handloom coir doormats like BC1 or Creel mats, Fibre mats or FM2, Inlaid Fibre Mats or the Imperial Inlaid Mats, Corridor Mats, Special C1& Sinnet Mats woven by skilled craftsmen on traditional handlooms.

All these Mats are available in Plain Natural, Plain Bleached, either Single color printed or multi-color printed with the design of your choice and can be bought also with additional embellishments like;

  1. Latex/ Rubber backing to makes the mats non-slip.
  2. Beveling/ Clipping (Groove cut) to make the designs stand out.
  3. Either Two/ Four sides Rubber Gluing with or without Sawdust reinforcement to make the sides clear cut and strong.
  4. Rope inlays can also be made to complement the designs and give the mats an added dimension.