Economy Range

Our economy ranges of door / floor mat products include Coir Mats, Coco Rubber Mats, SK8 Mats, Mesh Mats, Panama Mats, Princess Mats, Moulded Mats, Matting Mats, etc.

Coco Rubber Princess Matting Mats

This is an elegant mat at an affordable price. Tough and built to last, these moulded rubber matting mats come with three different coco matting bases; the densely woven SK8, Basket or Panama Weave and the most economical of them all, the Mesh Matting, have an outer Rubber Wrought Iron Scroll Border that gives them an elegant look.

The Panama base is available with simple prints also. These mats are available in Plus sizes also.

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Moulded Mesh Matting Mats

The least expensive and most value for money mat in the range made with 10mm thick Rubber grills like a border on all sides and plain rubber back, with Coco, mesh matting wiping surface.
We also have plenty of attractive designs to choose from.
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Moulded Panama Matting Mats

Best seller in this range made with basket weave / Panama woven matting mat and 10 mm thick Rubber wrought iron moulded borders.

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Moulded Boucle (SK8) Matting Mats

This is the Classic princess matting mat.  Ribbed surface provides better wiping.  Combining the heavier and more durable boucle weaves Coco matting and the wrought iron rubber border produces a mat that is the best in its class.


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Coco Rubber Moulded Matting Mats

Highly durable and eco-friendly these mats are made by moulding flat woven matting with natural rubber.

Available in 40 x 60, 45 x 75 sizes.

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