Rubber Pin Mats

Lightweight and economically priced rubber pin mats have flexible rubber studs that trap dirt and grit from shoes. Pin mats are widely available in various designer patterns. These floor mats offer a cushion to the feet relieving discomfort and help minimize foot fatigue for jobs that involve prolonged standing: For indoor as well as outdoor use.
Pin Mats are available in 30 cm X 45 cm, 40 cm X 60 cm, 45 cm X 75 cm
Heavy Duty Pin Mats
Heavy duty, Rubber Pin Mats manufactured from 100% Natural rubber with low filler content. The fingers or rubber studs are made with high-quality rubber to ensure that they are flexible and last the life of the mat and do not come off with heavy boot scraping. The rubber pins are designed to trap dirt and grit from shoes. Beveled edges ensure that the mats lie flat on the ground and help reduce the danger of tripping. Can be used as an anti-fatigue mat to relieve the discomfort of standing in one place for long periods
Available in sizes 45 cm X 75 cm, 60cm x 80 cm, 60 cm x 100 cm, 80 cm x 100, 90 x 150, 90 x 180
The lighter pin mats come in smaller sizes and the pins are only 10- 12 mm high. These mats are very economical and come in an array of designs.
Most popular sizes are 40 cm X 60 cm ( 16” x 27”) and 45 cm x 75 cm ( 18” X 30”).


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