Polypropylene (PP) Mats

Lightweight and economically priced, these smooth needle punch, Polypropylene Moulded mats come with clean PP covered edges. A variety of embossed designs available in rectangular, oval and half moon shapes. 100% Natural Rubber backing. Excellent ability to absorb wetness. Resist skidding. Easy to clean.
Available in 40 cm X 60 cm and 45 cm X 75 cm
Wide Bordered Polypropylene Mats
Wide Bordered Rubber Moulded Polypropylene Mats come with a tufted or needle Punch Polypropylene center portion to do the wiping work and an attractive wide Rubber border design to lend a touch of class to the mat. Excellent Ability, to absorb wetness, easy to clean Resist skidding.
Available in matching Rectangular and half oval designs available in 40 cm X 60 cm and 45 cm X 75 cm.
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