BC1 (Creel) Floor Mats

The Eco-friendly BC1 Coco floor mats have 22mm thick brush/ pile made up of 100% cut coir yarn. Floor Mats are woven on traditional Handlooms. A skilled worker can weave 15 mats per day.

Additional Embellishments available are:

  1. Latex/ Rubber backing to makes the mats non-slip.
  2. Beveling/ Clipping (Groove cut) to make the designs stand out.
  3. Either Two/ Four sides Rubber Gluing with or without Sawdust reinforcement to make the sides clear cut and strong.
  4. Rope inlays can also be made to complement the designs and gives the door mats an added dimension.


BC1 Floor mats are made with both Natural colour coco yarn or with Bleached Blondish Coco yarn.


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