The 100% biodegradable Coir Fibre is obtained from tissues surrounding the seed of the coconut palm, Cocos nucifera. To extract the fibre, the husk is first softened by retting in the lagoons of backwaters for a couple of weeks. Then the woody portion, pith is removed either mechanically or manually by pounding and the resulting fibre is then combed and spun into yarn using semi-automatic Ratts.

Greencoco Handloom Coir Mats

The last word for the environmentally conscious; Greencoco ® Door Mats.
There are two categories of door mats printed with our Green Designs available under this registered trademark.
Greencoco floor mats are one hundred percent handloom made Door Mats.
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Shaped Door Mats

Unlike the traditional Handloom made doormats, this machine backed PVC / Vinyl tufted Coir Doormats are cut with the help of imported programmable cutting machines. It is possible to cut doormats of any shape and print a variety designs on shape mats.
This is an ideal floor mat for Pet, Floral and Christmas designs.
We have over 500 designs of Shape door mats for selection.


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Bleach Printed Coir Floor Mats


The bleach printed door mat's designs are printed on Bleached Coco base to bring out the true colors. The natural coco floor mat base is bleached and the designs are printed using water-based synthetic enamel dyes with the help of spray guns. Doormat outlines can be beveled to make the printed designs stand out.

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Natural Printed Coir Door Mats

Natural Printed Coir Doormat Designs are printed on natural coco base using Azo-free fade resist water-based synthetic enamel dyes.
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Natural Flocked PVC backed Door Mats


Flocked PVC backed Door Mats are cut with the help of four Semi Automatic cutting machines and one computerized Fully Automatic Door Mat cutting machine, we are able to precision cut up to 15,000 doormats per day.
Machine cutting ensures precise measurement and clean edges without fraying for these door mats.
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Printed and Flocked PVC backed Door Mats


PVC / Vinyl tufted Coir Matting Rolls are perfect barrier door mats for any doorway; it’s natural bristles will take away the dirt off any shoe. This heavy-duty entrance mat is ideal for doorways of porches, patios, pubs and restaurants with heavy traffic. 

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