Coco Rubber

A sturdy and attractive combination of printed Vinyl backed inlays inserted in Rubber Tray Mats with beautiful wrought Iron like moulded rubber border. The inserts are economically priced and easy to change.

The rubber tray as well as the coco insert is available in various sizes and patterns. The interchangeability of the inserts adds a touch of versatility to these mats and makes it a bestseller. The inserts can be glued into the rubber tray to sell this as a standalone mat. Drainage holes can be provided at the bottom on request.

Printed Coco Rubber Moulded Mats

Great combination of beauty and functionality. Moulded coco Rubber Brush mats are available with simple attractive printed designs. Moulding reduces shedding significantly without compromising the brushing capacity of the mat and ensures dirt collection in between the bristles which can easily be vacuumed away

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Coco Rubber Moulded Floor Mats

These tough workhorses are made by moulding coir mats onto the natural rubber. These mats are eco- friendly and have an anti-skid Rubber backing.
Available in a range of designs in standard as well as custom sizes. Suction vacuum advised for cleaning.
These mats are available in black, beige and brown colours.
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Coco Rubber Mirror Tray Mats

Modern design with an open scroll border: These Coco Rubber tray mats have either bleached or natural printed PVC tufted inlays in complementing designs.


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Victorian Tray Mats (Bed)

A classic Victorian style Tray Mat that will add a touch of elegance to any decor. The PVC tufted inlays can either be glued to the base tray or just fitted in.


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Twin Tray Coco Rubber Mats

Ergonomically correct for wiping; our twin tray coco rubber mats come with beautiful matching designs.


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Long Tray Mats

Elegant Tray Mat with the inlay running the full length of the mat, available with Bleached or natural printed PVC tufted mat inlay.

  • Tray size 45cm x 75cm
  • Insert size of long tray 24 cm x 71cm
  • Rubber weight of long tray 2.100Kg.


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5 or 10 Insert Flash Tray Mats

This is an economical mat with the PVC tufted printed mats inlay covering the full area of the Tray. Available in Tone on Tone, Mix n Match or multicolour designs.

  • Tray size 45cm x 75cm
  • Insert size for vertical 13cm x 41cm
  • Insert size for horizontal l09cm x 71cm
  • Rubber weight 1.900Kg – 2kg
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Wave n Straight Tray Mats

A modern looking tray mat which is a straight fusion of a PVC tufted mat and a rubber Iron Mat. Attractive and functional at the same time, this is one of our best sellers.

  • Tray size 45cm x 75cm
  • Insert size 22cm x 71cm
  • Rubber weight 2.650Kg


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Regular Tray Mats

Traditional design: Can be sold as a standalone mat with the printed PVC tufted mat in the centre glued in or a Combo-pack with one tray and 4 designs.

  • Tray size 5cm x 75cm
  • Insert size 23cm x 53cm
  • Rubber weight 2.700Kg - 2.750Kg


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Coco Rubber Cluster Floor Mats

Cut pieces of Vinyl backed coir mats are pasted into a Natural Rubber Mat to give a tough and durable mat that is very much affordable.

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